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Literacy Treasure Tip: Object Poster Projects to Creatively Share Inquiry Research

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

It's time for a Literacy Nugget straight from the Literacy Treasure Chest.

A Treasure Tip is a tip, strategy, product or anything that will make your literacy teaching life easier and more productive.

Today's Treasure tip is...

Object Poster Projects

So just what is an Object Poster Project?

I'm sure there could be a better name for the project, but it's all I got. Let me explain.

I ran across these two books many years ago and thought they were quite interesting.

You know when you browse a new book, your teacher brain sees all the different possibilities. I wanted students to use the books as a pattern for classroom projects.

To create an Object Poster Project, students must use objects to create portraits that will describe and explain the subject of the project.

For example, in the Abraham Lincoln object portrait from the book (see above) included are a gavel for his mouth to represent his career in law and politics, as well as a cannon for one eye to represent his role in the Civil War and it's end. Also included is a button for his other eye with the American flag that has the words Let Freedom Ring to represent his role in abolishing slavery.

All objects used must demonstrate and show learning about the subject of the project.

So, off we went...

Object Poster Projects require 'OUTSIDE THE BOX THINKING'!

Simple Me ~ Simile Me Object Posters

My first object poster project attempt...

Students were supposed to create a simple self-portrait. It was just an outline of themselves. Then, they had to use different similes to 'spruce up' their simple portrait to describe their personalities. To create their object poster, objects were to be included to explain the similes they chose to write about themselves. The photograph is not the greatest but you will get the idea. Students had fun while critical thinking and creativity filled the classroom.

Texas Hero Object Posters

My second object poster project attempt...

Students had been conducting research about Texas Heroes. They had gathered information and written a short report to demonstrate what they had learned about their chosen hero. The final part of the research project was to create an object poster about their Texas Hero using what they had learned during their research. See some of the final projects below.

The students' creative use of different objects to represent their learning about the Texas Heroes demonstrated critical thinking and imagination.

Think about all the possibilities for Object Poster Projects where students can be critical thinkers that are creative and innovative.

Until next time...

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