Tips To Help You Assemble Student Literacy Portfolios

Updated: Jul 16

So, you want to get to know your readers

You want to assess their progress and track their growth. You probably already have the 'data'. You just have to find and assemble it. Why not put it all in one place--Student Literacy Assessment Portfolios.

That word--data--can be so blinding. However…as like-minded teaching professionals, we all know it’s important to get to know our readers.

So, just what is a Student Literacy Portfolio?

It might be called a Literacy Assessment Portfolio

OR Student Literacy Folders

OR Literacy Assessment Folders

OR Literacy Portfolio

OR Student Literacy Portfolios


It doesn't matter what your school district calls it...

it's all the same!

It's a place to collect reading and writing student artifacts to review and track progress of student literacy growth.

Student data about reading is not just standardized numbers. If you know me here at Literacy Treasures, you know that standardized tests make my skin crawl. As I ranted--no--stated in a previous post, Celebrating Student Growth at the End of the School Year…

Test scores aren’t the complete picture of a reader and a writer. We shouldn’t let standardized testing scores define a student’s growth and progress in literacy. Let’s face it…some kids are not going to receive the scores they want to receive on state tests. Let’s do better than that!

Let’s help students see their growth

without THAT test score clouding their vision!

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Until next time...

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