10 No Nonsense Ways Teachers Get Students To Talk About Text

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Do you wish your students would talk more about the texts they are reading?

Do you wish your students would share more than literal and surface understandings about the texts they are reading?

Do you want your readers to become more motivated, engaged & analytical?

We all want our students to have real honest and authentic conversations about text, right?

Check out the 10 no nonsense ways teachers get students to talk about the texts they are reading


Create authentic experiences

Students value authentic learning experiences where they can spread and show their creative wings.

Authentic literacy experiences include giving students choice in what they read, having students react honestly to text and respond to the texts they choose to read.

When students have the choice to be creative and stretch their thinking beyond the text, they take their interpretations to places the teacher usually doesn't expect.


Help students discover their Reading Identity

Young readers don't step into our classrooms just knowing what they like to read. Or even liking to read!

We must provide experiences to help readers discover the kinds of readers they are, so we can help them grow.

Readers need time to dig into their own reading identity to see the kind of readers they are and the kinds of readers they want to become.


Lose the Worksheets

Worksheets about reading are not going to help develop the reading thinking of a young reader.

Worksheets encourage "right answers" not talk and thinking and interpretation.